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~ A Sweet Taste of Country, Gospel, Good-Time Oldies & Comedy! ~

Suitable for Performing Arts Venues, Concert Series, Festivals, Fairs. Live after Five Events and Dinner-Shows

~ A Sweet Taste of Gaither-Style Southern Gospel Music! ~

Suitable for Churches, Concert Venues & a host of others

Featuring Grammy Award and Gaither  Homecoming Artists:
Janet Paschal  and/or the famous Ivan Parker, along with Gaylon & SweetWater.
~ This Tour proceeds the American Cancer Society or your Charitable Fund Raiser ~
Book it today in your area!
Call: 919-915-1422

Suitable for Churches, Concert Venues & a host of others

~ The Exciting Show with all the Grove of Motown and Carolina Beach Music! ~

Suitable for Performing Arts Venues, Concert Series, LIVE After Five Events, Festivals, Fairs & Others.

~ The Show that Sales-Out Year after Year! ~

Suitable ANYWHERE!

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How did we come up with our name:
'Gaylon Pope & SweetWater' ?
Read Chapter 15: 22-25 in the Book of Exodus; you will find the answer IN VERSE 25... And by the way the Bible is a great book to find many other answers you may be asking...



2018 / Gaylon & SweetWater perform on the iconic TV-Show: 'Spiritual Awakening'. A show that started out on radio 75 years ago and then found a home on WRAL- 5 (An NBC Affiliate) Now on FOX-50.

As of 2017 SweetWater Ministries, Inc. is born. To read all about it, go to the "About Us" tab. Once you are over the "About Us" tab, click on the drop down box entitled "Gaylon's Gospel. Keep Reading until you get to SWEETWATER MINISTRIES, INC.

As of 2017 Gaylon Pope & SweetWater have been invited by Gaither Homecoming & Grammy Nominated Artist: Janet Paschal to join her on her "Music for a Cure Tour". Proceeds of this tour will support the American Cancer Society. If you would like to have this tour come to you church or venue contact us right away. BOOK TODAY AND HELP US HELP OTHERS!

As of 2014 Gaylon Pope & SweetWater are new members of 'The Artist Music Guild'. What an honor to have been selected to be a part of this organization that helps mentor other Artist.

As of 2015 Gaylon Pope & SweetWater are new members of The NC Presenters Consortium. We are delighted to join ranks with this organization that promotes Family Friendly Shows across the State of North Carolina and beyond...

The NEW GP&S Christmas CD "A Christmas to Remember" is ready and man is it awesome! Already receiving great reviews! Order you copy today!!

Bojangles (Tands Inc.) presents Gaylon Pope & SweetWater at the Warsaw Veterans Day Parade (See the details on our Tour Date Page / Nov. 7, 2015)

"Hello Gaylon Pope & SweetWater! From the  NC Seafood Festival; our fans continually rave about your performances!" 
Keep singing and spreading the smiles! 
From all of your friends here at The North Carolina Seafood Festival in Morehead City, NC


'Gaylon Pope & SweetWater'  / NEWS RELEASE  2022

Vance Hoover, Board Member of SweetWater Ministries, Inc. and CEO of Southern Express Motor Coach and Gaylon Pope, CEO of SweetWater Ministries, Inc. have entered into a Cross Marketing venture of transportation and sponsorship. As of the date of this News Release, Southern Express will now be providing transportation for the group: 'Gaylon Pope & SweetWater' on a private Prevost XL Entertainer tour bus. This will offer the group a much more relaxing ride to and from their engagements, a place to sleep, change clothes, and relax before show time... It will cut down on the amount of hotel rooms needed for the group and will allow them to spread their territorial boundaries from beyond NC to other states as invitations arise. Some may ask: Really Gaylon? Are you traveling that much that you need such a bus? The short answer is: Not yet, but NOW, we can and will be, whenever the good Lord gives the assignment... 

It's also a personal dream come true and a MIRACLE of answered prayer by Gaylon, the group and even some of our fan-friends and faithful financial supporters, who have been praying for this a long time, especially after Gaylon's health events this year; the transportation couldn't have come a better time and was ordered up by the good Doctor God himself. 

Though the bus is now going through some tailoring and customizations specifically for the group, we expect to see them riding in the bus sometime after their 2021 Christmas show schedule... or maybe sooner. 

Come see us please make sure that you stop by the bus and say hello to Captain Hoover and help us express our thanks to him for this provision and his passion for what we do. 


Captain Vance Hoover and Southern Express believes in us and what we do! 

He and Southern Express are also here to minister to your needs of transportation. If you, your church group, civic group or sports team needs bus transportation to any of our concerts or other trips of pleasure or business, call or get in touch with www.southernexpress.com

The Gaylon Pope & SweetWater Tour is sponsored by: The Inn at River Landing

GP&S Transportaion by: Southern Express

Select Gaylon & SweetWater Shows are presented in part by our good friends at Bojangles. When selecting a "Tour Date" you might read that a particular show is sponsored by Bojangles and we are grateful for their support. Every time we leave to go on tour, our first stop is for "BO TIME" (Click on the Logo to be routed to Bojangles)

Select Gaylon & SweetWater Shows are presented in part by our good friends at The Deacon Jone Auto Group. When selecting a "Tour Date" you might read that a particular show is sponsored by Deacon Jones and we are grateful for their support. Are You Speakin' Deacon? (Click on the Logo to be routed to Deacon Jones)

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Hey, Our New CD, 'Sweet Country'
Just went Aluminum! LOL :)
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